Tribes Come Together To Celebrate Life On Our Own Terms

This Event is 18+

We are proud to announce to you the return of The Freakeasy to Colorado as we take over the Scarlet of Central City. Come join us as we transform this lush four floor venue into a playground of your wildest imagination. This multimedia experience features two sound stages powered by Funktion-One and Danley Sound and one special cabaret stage for our mind blowing performance artists. This night is not to be missed!


-Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple, BRC // San Francisco CA)
-REsy (New York City, NY)
-Kanizzle (BMIR Operations Manager BRC, Taos NM)
-RadioHiro (Hookah Dome, BRC // Freakeasy Chicago)
-Striz (Freakeasy Chicago)
-Tommy Ruffingers (RUFF Music)
-Cristal Aurelia
-Miss Jaedha
-Mikey Fisher
-Mr. Carpenter
-DJ Serriah
-Messenger of Secrets
-Nick Synergy

Badass Performers:

Badass Live Art:

Badass Sound provided by:
Jagged Sound
Hedd Sound
Whomp Truck

Badass Lights & Visuals provided by:

Badass Installations:

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The Freakeasy: Denver #2 - The Surreal Gambit

The McNichols Civic Center Building, 144 W. Colfax Ave Denver 80202, Colorado

          Call us at (720) 498-8797

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