The Lumonics Mind Spa is available to everyone on event nights, and includes a pyramid installation equipped with special goggles in which you close your eyes to see colors and shapes created by your own mind. 

It takes a few moments to begin seeing the colorful lighting around you as your eyes adjust. It takes a few moments more to grasp the beauty that surrounds you. Leave everything that you carry with you at the door; your uncertainty, your day of working that 9 to 5 job, because you have now entered into the serenity and positive light that is the artwork of a true legend - ArtBeat Magazine

Destination: Art! – The Scarlet Venue – Music – Visual Arts – Healing Arts

Posted By Wendy L. Pitton R.  Sep 13, 2016

What happens when you combine the healing arts with the visual arts and live music? An introduction into beauty, empowerment and contemplation begins.

The downstairs area at The Scarlet will host an installation by Dorothy Tanner that will allow guests to relax, meditate and explore the “benefits of light and sound and multi-sensory stimulation on one’s well-being”, a sort of “mind spa”. The founder of 7 Healing Stars Oneness Center in Central City, Dr. Jomar Suarez is “especially interested in the therapeutic potential of {this} art for mental health treatments and applications.” 

 The Scarlet Venue, 131 Main Street in downtown Central City, Colorado will open its doors to a holistic level of healing and artistic expression that offers something for everyone, brought to you by 7 Healing Stars, Feyline and Colorado Concerts.

 Joining the expressive team is Dorothy Tanner, light sculptor, installation artist and director of Tanner Studio/Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery of Denver.

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Dorothy Tanner with her sculpture "Logo"

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